The Effectiveness of the T&T and Tag Whangarei Certificate in Promoting Maori Culture

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The Test and Tag Whangarei program was started in 2021 by the Government of New Zealand, with the aim to increase the numbers of Maori people in New Zealand. It is a unique initiative developed in response to the declining numbers of Maori in the country. The programme seeks to ensure that the continuity of traditional customs and traditions is maintained for the continued preservation and maintenance of the Maori culture and heritage. In doing so, the programme seeks to ensure that the traditional cultural values of the Maori people are not lost. It also seeks to create pride and identity by increasing participation rates among Maori in all decision-making matters, while reducing the rate of traditional loss and destruction of traditional cultures.

How to Know The Effectiveness of the T&T

test and tag whangarei

The program has been very successful in the areas of promoting education and teaching Maori art, while helping Maori children return to education and development. The main features of the Test and Tag Whangarei (T&T) are the application and recognition of the cultural system that includes both the beliefs and practices of the Maori, with an additional test based on traditional skills, activities and knowledge of the indigenous peoples. T&T is a tool that enables cultural transition while reinforcing positive identity-building processes and practices at every stage of the involvement. It has been acknowledged by the Ministry of Health and Social Development in New Zealand as one of the most effective methods to promote Maori cultural and historical values through early childhood education.

In addition to the T&T programs, there are several other programs of support that are designed to support and improve the participation rates and retention of Maori in the country. These include T&T foundation Grants, National Parenting Program (NP), South Pacific Foundation for Child Safety (SPFCS), the South Pacific Family Learning Program (SPCLP) and Mangele Learning Trust (MCT), as well as the National Native Title System (NTS). With the support of these programs, the success of the T&T programs and the promotion of Maori culture in the wider New Zealand society, the future for the kiwi of both genders will surely be bright.

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