Simply Go Mini Oxygen Concentrator

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simply go mini oxygen concentrator

The simply go mini oxygen concentrator is the smallest portable oxygen concentrator (POC) in the Philips Respironics line. It is designed for active oxygen users looking for a POC with true reliability and ruggedness. It has undergone rigorous testing including real world impacts and temperatures to ensure that it will continue to provide reliable performance day in and day out.

Using a simple and intuitive control panel, the user can easily manage device settings, battery life and alarms with the help of the large LCD display. A variety of intuitive symbols are displayed on the screen for easy recognition. It is equipped with a battery that lasts up to 3 hours on pulse dose mode and up to 1.5 hours on continuous flow. Resource simply go mini oxygen concentrator –

Another great feature of this portable oxygen concentrator is its sleep mode that allows it to increase the flow of oxygen while sleeping. This can help with breathing difficulties that occur while asleep such as apnea and can make the sleep process much more comfortable for those who have difficulty getting enough rest.

Simply Go Mini Oxygen Concentrator: Your Key to Portable and Convenient Oxygen Therapy

This unit can also be used with a CPAP or BiPAP machine to offer oxygen enrichment to these machines so that they can effectively treat sleep apnea. This can be done by connecting the machine to the CPAP/BIPAP machine using an oxygen connection adapter.

This lightweight portable oxygen concentrator can be carried with ease by hand or over the shoulder with the help of a strap that is included with the device. It can be stored in its stylish and durable chocolate brown carrying case to allow the user to carry it hands-free.

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