Shopify Bot Detection

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shopify bot detection

Bots are a huge problem for online businesses. They can be used to register fake accounts, skew analytics, and spam customers.

Shopify bot detection can prevent these problems from happening on your site.

A common sign of a bot is an abnormally high bounce rate or increased pageviews. This can be caused by bots on the network causing an unexpected increase in traffic to a single page or to the entire website.

These types of issues are also caused by inventory hoarding bots which are designed to disrupt the availability of stock at ecommerce sites. They snatch up merchandise and hold it until the cart time expires, then they resell it on a secondary marketplace at a markup price, leaving a store with a significant drop in revenue.

Defending Your Shopify Store Against Bots: Strategies for Effective Bot Detection and Prevention

Another common tactic is to stop reCAPTCHA forms for certain countries. This can help to reduce spam signups but it may also deter real users from signing up from those countries.

If your Shopify store is getting a lot of spam, it might be time to look into reCAPTCHA. It is a free tool that recognizes robots and blocks them from filling in your forms by forcing them to answer a series of questions.

In addition to reCAPTCHA, you can also use the IPQS plugin which instantly filters bots from accessing your site. Whether it’s PPC click fraud or malicious bots targeting your chargeback prevention, this plugin will block bad actors from accessing your Shopify website while allowing the legitimate visitors you need to run your business.

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