Lock Breaking Tool

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lock breaking tool

A lock-breaking tool allows the user to break a padlock without a key. Although often associated with criminal intent, lock picking is a legitimate profession and also pursued as a hobby (locksport). Regardless of motivation, it’s important to know how to open a locked door in the event that you have lost your keys or cannot find them. In addition to lock-picking, there are a variety of other methods that can be used to open locks including using a keyway wrench, brute force, and bypass tools.

One of the most popular ways to break a lock is by using a bolt cutter, which can be used on shackle pads and standard locks. Simply ad the jaws of the bolt cutters to the shackle and apply pressure until it breaks. Another option is to use an angle grinder with the correct grit and material disc to quickly grind through the shackle and/or lock body, which can be especially effective on high-quality padlocks.

The Art of Lock Picking: Choosing and Using the Right Tool Set

While less common, prying with a crowbar can be effective in a pinch. It’s important to take the appropriate safety precautions and carefully evaluate the situation before attempting this method, as it can result in damage to the lock and possibly the surrounding surface.

A basic lock-picking kit should include a full selection of hooks, rakes and diamonds to accommodate different locks and pin heights. It’s also recommended to have a tension wrench that can be used to apply the necessary tension for the picking process.

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