How to Use a Rope Climb Machine

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The Inventor of this rope climb machine says that it was designed to provide a workout that combines “ergonomic, natural, and functional movements with the benefits of low-impact weight-bearing incline training and endless rope pulling.” It features adjustable incline angle adjustments for different levels of difficulty, as well as a progressive resistance system on both the tread and rope. The patented equipment is used by military, fire, and police departments around the world for intense, yet safe training.

This type of rope trainer builds muscle in the arms and upper body, and can also work the lower body if certain positions are taken during operation, like standing or hunching. They are a good alternative to weight training and Olympic lifts, as they build muscle and are low impact and easier on the joints.

Rope Puller vs. Winch: Which Is the Better Choice?

There are two types of rope climbing machines, one resembles a crane and is larger and more expensive, while the other is smaller, has a pulley system, and requires you to attach it to a base yourself. The smaller variety tends to be cheaper and doesn’t take up as much floor space, which makes it a better option for people who want to train in the home but don’t have the room or budget for a large and expensive machine.

Using this type of equipment is fairly simple and intuitive. The user stands or sits, kneels if they are sitting, with their opposite leg on the floor behind the seat, and grips the rope above them with both hands. They reach down with the rope and slightly twist as they grab it, then sharply pull it down over their head and across the front of their body.

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