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How to Make Pantry Baskets

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pantry baskets

A pantry baskets is a great way to keep your items organized. It helps you see what’s in your pantry, so you can create a mental inventory to avoid buying duplicate products.

A basket with a lid is also useful for storing foods like cereals and snacks, which can be difficult to keep sealed in a jar or bin. The lid prevents spills and yucky bugs from getting in the food, and it can help protect your items from moisture damage.

Baskets are made using a variety of natural materials. The most common are cedar bark, spruce root and cattail leaves. Others include maidenhair fern stems, horsetail root and red cherry bark.

Organize Your Pantry with Ease: How to Choose the Perfect Baskets for Your Food Storage Needs

Some baskets are woven with plaited bottoms, which can be done in a checker weave or diagonal, or bias, pattern. This can be a fairly straightforward method for producing baskets that have a symmetrical look.

Another common technique used in baskets is twilling, which creates a decorative design by weaving the weft over and under several warps at once. Some basket makers on the Northwest Coast use twilling to create designs that include large zigzags.

Woven baskets are a traditional form of storage and gathering for many Native American peoples. They are used to store berries, shellfish, roots and other food.

The Twana, Skokomish and Quilcene peoples from western Washington state are among the basket makers who are known for their soft twined baskets. They are often decorated with horizontal bands of animals that may include birds, wolves and dogs.

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