Modeling Reservoir Water Balances in Hydrological Modeling and Conveyancing

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In addition to streamflow stations, best conveyancing Reservoir  water elevations can be estimated using satellite radar altimetry, which provides information on lake and reservoir surface area dynamics and the distribution of flooded areas. Similarly, satellite sensors can measure evapotranspiration. These data can be used to calculate water budgets. The derived water-balance-related equations can then be used to estimate the inflow and output of a reservoir at various points along its length.

The most commonly used method in hydrological modeling to model reservoir water balances is the demand-and-inflow approach. This involves a simplified reservoir-release function that accounts for inflow and downstream demands but does not account for multipurpose reservoir operation policies (Adam et al., 2007). This limitation may limit the capability of this group of models to represent detailed reservoir operations.

A more sophisticated method that incorporates reservoir zoning and different release formulations for different storage levels is the inflow-and-storage model of Hanasaki et al. (2006). This approach first determines a provisional total annual release at the beginning of each water year based on long-term mean annual inflow adjusted by an annual release coefficient. Then the monthly provisional release is determined by a mix of inflow and storage to avoid depleting the reservoir storage while still trying to support environmental flow requirements defined as critical or minimum releases.

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