Buying an Electric Car

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auto electric car

Auto electric cars are available in all shapes and sizes. Some, like this Peugeot iOn, are stylish electric versions of existing models; others, such as the Porsche Macan E-Tron and Hyundai Ioniq 5, were built from the ground up to be electric.

A broad range of battery options and price points make it easier than ever to find an EV that’s right for you. And many new EVs offer cutting-edge safety and driver-assistance features that are typically standard or available in more expensive gas cars.

Auto Electric Car: A Comprehensive Overview

EV buyers can also look for an efficient car with a high number of miles per gallon or kilowatt-hour, and be sure to check for rebates and tax credits that can help offset the initial investment. CR’s EV incentive finder and our guide to EV taxes can help you figure out what you qualify for.

EVs use significantly less energy than vehicles powered by internal combustion engines, but they still consume more of their batteries than traditional gasoline-powered models when driven hard. Fast acceleration, steep hills, and regenerative braking all eat into an electric car’s range, as can air conditioning or heater use while driving at highway speeds. That’s why it’s important to plan for longer trips and consider finding a charging station along the way. Having a backup plan can reduce the anxiety that some EV drivers experience about running out of juice, and most owners keep extra chargers in their garage or carry an emergency portable one.

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